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They Say

Johnny J

Great store they have everything from jelly-bellys to shot glasses. They have the largest selections of souvenirs and tee shirts in Annapolis. They even have a radio station located on the third floor.

Tiffany Y

This general store has three floors but sells mostly t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other souvenirs about Annapolis. They have a small section of candies, cookies, and fudge, but the store right next to them has even more goodies, so I would recommend going there instead.

Blubryhill at Citysearch

Best "General Store" in Annapolis As soon as you walk by AL Goodies you're immediately drawn in with the music, open doors with cool air spilling out on the sidewalk and the scent of homemade fudge and cookies. With 3 floors of products, you can find anything you need there. Beautiful hand painted wine glasses and anything "Annapolis"!

A L Goodies
General Store
Since 1984